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Membrane Bio-Reactor Suppliers

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  • What are the impacts on the use of flat film?
    Due to the improvement of membrane flux, the extended lifespan of MBR flat membrane will cause a significant fluctuation in the operating cost of MBR.
  • What is the reason for the overload of Roots vacuum pump?
    There are many reasons for the overload of Roots vacuum pumps. If the power required to tighten the gas is proportional to the differential pressure, and the gas differential pressure is too high, the pump may overload and the motor winding may burn out.
  • The application of MBBR technology in wastewater treatment
    What is MBBR technology? How does it work?Mobile bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) is a biotechnology used in wastewater treatment processes, suitable for municipal and industrial applications. Another common name is the moving bed membrane reactor.
  • What are the misconceptions about using flat film
    Although many manufacturers nowadays use flat membrane for factory construction, there are still many misconceptions about the use of this membrane. So the following summary has been made regarding the erroneous understanding of enterprises.
  • Advantages of MBR flat membrane
    Small footprint and space saving: The MBR process can greatly increase the sludge concentration (biological flora) of the activated sludge tank and does not require a secondary sedimentation tank, so the floor space can be greatly saved.
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