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About  us

Products includes the following:


1.Hollow Fiber Membranes 

2.Flat Membrane 

3.External Pressure Ultrafiltration Membrane 

4.Internal Pressure Ultrafiltration Membrane 

5.Reverse Osmosis Membrane 

6.Roots Blower 

7.Rotary Fan 

8.Centrifugal Blower 

9.Gel Filler 

10.PE Filler

We supply products all over the globe to a wide range of companies worldwide, ranging from large multinational organizations to small individual companies.

Product Application


All kinds of equipment produced by the company are widely used in environmental protection, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing, textile, water purification, food and other industries.


Our Certificate


The company attaches great importance to the control of product quality and the improvement of professional ability. It has passed the ISO 9001 quality system certification and obtained the professional contracting qualification for special projects. At the same time, there are various patent supporting technologies. At present, there are three utility models and one invention is under application.

Production Equipment


Backed by a strong technical R & D team and years of practical experience, the company can provide customers with Various sewage scheme design, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning, operation and maintenance services.The production workshop selects imported processing machinery to improve the processing accuracy.

Production Market


We have customers from both domestic market and oversea market. We have achieved good results in both engineering and operation and maintenance.
In terms of engineering, there are GuangXi LuZhai State Control Chuangke washing wastewater, Shanghai Chunchun Washing Plant washing wastewater, Shanghai Lingkai Medical washing wastewater, Anhui Province Maanshan rural sewage renovation, Zhejiang Yiyang New Material advertising cloth washing wastewater, Hubei XiangYang Sinopharm Chuangfu washing wastewater.
In terms of operation and maintenance, there are the operation and maintenance project of Luzhai State Control Chuangke Washing Co., LTD., the operation and maintenance project of State Control Chuangfu Medical Technology (Yili) Co., LTD., the operation and maintenance project of Shanghai Chunchun Washing Co., LTD., the operation and maintenance project of Shanghai Blue Sky Goose Cleaning Co., LTD., the operation and maintenance project of Shanghai Lingkai Washing Co., ltd., and Zhejiang Yiyang New Materials Co.,ltd.




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