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Why do businesses need water treatment

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Treatment includes sewage treatment and waste water treatment. In this case, it's industrial wastewater treatment. There are more types of industrial wastewater, industrial circulating water, heavy metal wastewater, etc., which constitute industrial wastewater. These waste water can not be directly discharged, to a series of treatment, to meet the national regulations of the discharge standards, can be discharged. When the water supply enters the factory cooling system, it becomes what we often call circulating water, and the role of these circulating water is often cooling. Most of the factory's circulating water cooling system is open, that is, a part of it is exposed to the air, and the part exposed to the air (generally a cooling tower, will be cooled by heating circulating water), over time, often evaporates, is polluted by dust, and produces adverse effects such as bacteria and algae.




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