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Where is the industrial wastewater treated?

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Waste water treatment method:

(1) In general, the treatment method used in the process of sewage treatment is physical. In the process of physical sewage treatment, the prerequisite must be not to change the chemical properties of pollutants, the pollutants are separated, and the wastewater is treated clean through multiple procedures;

(2) In the process of chemical treatment, precipitating agents are generally used in sewage. The precipitating agent can produce a certain chemical reaction with the polluted ions in the sewage, combine these ions and the precipitating agent together to form chemicals that are not easy to dissolve into water, and remove the insoluble chemicals from the water, and the water will gradually get the purification effect;

(3) can also heat up the wastewater, when the temperature of the wastewater reaches a very high degree, the water transfer will become very strong, can make organic matter and gas, water and other proportions of fusion, this time the sewage pollutants can be effectively decomposed;




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