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What are the misconceptions about using flat film

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Although many manufacturers nowadays use flat membrane for factory construction, there are still many misconceptions about the use of this membrane. So the following summary has been made regarding the erroneous understanding of enterprises.

1. Ensure effluent quality

Plate membrane is essentially a combination of activated sludge process and membrane filtration. It is based on the traditional activated sludge method and uses membrane filtration instead of secondary sedimentation tank, which has the advantages of good interception and high sludge concentration, but it does not mean that its effect is invincible. For the removal of pollutants, membrane filtration has a significant effect on the removal of SS, while the removal of organic matter still depends on the biodegradability of activated sludge and organic matter. The treatment effect of MBR membrane on wastewater with high biochemical treatment capacity and poor biodegradability is limited.

2. The higher the flux planning of the flat membrane, the better

The membrane flux is determined by the membrane data and structure. There is an upper limit on the porosity and flux of a specific membrane treatment device. Filtering is essentially a physical process. While reducing pore size, membrane data is dedicated to flux. At the same time, it is necessary to coordinate forces, which leads to a constant flow. Therefore, in the planning and use process, planning should be based on the parameters advocated by the membrane manufacturer.

3. Flat membrane does not require sludge discharge

Due to the excellent retention effect of membrane filtration, the activated sludge in MBR membrane process can reach a high concentration, and the separation of HRT and sludge age is completed. Therefore, the impact of sludge concentration on effluent can be ignored. However, this advantage only improves the space for biochemical utilization and cannot be used as a reason not to exclude sludge discharge. The problem of not being able to discharge sludge still needs to return to activity. If the sludge is not discharged, the activated sludge will age and affect its biochemical function.




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