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What are the impacts on the use of flat film?

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Due to the improvement of membrane flux, the extended lifespan of MBR flat membrane will cause a significant fluctuation in the operating cost of MBR. Therefore, while ensuring water quality, the membrane flux should be as high as possible to reduce the use of membrane area and lower infrastructure and operating costs. So, controlling membrane fouling and adhering to high membrane flux are important topics for MBR discussions. Membrane flux is closely related to factors such as membrane materials, operating methods, and hydraulic conditions.

(1) Selection of membranes

The existing MBR flat membrane can be divided into two types: organic membrane and inorganic membrane. Organic membranes have been widely used in membrane bioreactor systems in China, while inorganic membranes are limited in their widespread application due to their high investment costs. Commonly used membrane materials include polyethylene, polypropylene, and so on. Generally, companies use ultrafiltration membrane components to intercept molecular weight in the range of 20000 to 300000 for separate MBR. The larger the intercepted molecular weight, the higher the initial membrane flux, but the longer the working time, the higher the membrane flux may not necessarily be. Zhang Hongyu conducted an inorganic membrane flux attenuation test, which showed a correlation with 0.8 μ Compared to m membrane, 0.2 μ The diameter of the m aperture is more suitable for MBR. He Yiliang conducted a study on the rules of membrane flux attenuation using PES flat membrane modules. The results showed that membrane flux attenuation is mainly caused by the polarization of the initial concentration of the membrane. The smaller the molecular weight intercepted by the membrane, the greater the rate of membrane flux attenuation. The flux attenuation of the membrane during long-term operation is mainly caused by membrane fouling. The larger the molecular weight retained by the membrane, the greater the flux attenuation, and the lower the chemical cleaning recovery rate. As for the submerged MBR membrane, both ultrafiltration membrane and microfiltration membrane can be used. Since the gel layer on the membrane surface also plays a filtering role, the difference of effluent quality between microfiltration membrane and ultrafiltration membrane in domestic sewage treatment is not significant, so 0.1-0.4 μ  The microfiltration membrane of m is often used to engulf MBR.

(2) Optimization of operational management methods

The selection of membrane materials fundamentally determines the physical and chemical properties of the membrane, and operating methods become the main factor affecting membrane fouling. In order to reduce membrane fouling, backwashing is an important operation to adhere to the stable operation of separate MBR.

Not only does the concentration of sludge and the viscosity of the mixture affect membrane adhesion, but the filtration function of the mixture itself, such as the characteristics of activated sludge and biological similarity, also affects membrane attenuation. A study has found that the intervention of powdered activated carbon and flocculants can help improve the separation function of sludge and water, form larger and less viscous sludge flocs, and reduce the time for membrane blockage. However, excessive participation of flocculants can also affect the processing capacity of the reactor.




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