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Wastewater AO process

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Anaerobic is mainly to improve the biochemistry of water, its function is also to release phosphorus, so that the concentration of phosphorus in sewage increases, so that dissolved organic matter is absorbed by biological cells, so that the concentration of BOD in water decreases, ammonia is also removed due to the synthesis of cells, so that the water

The ammonia concentration also decreases, but the nitrification content does not change. In the anoxic pool, the denitrifying bacteria use the organic matter in the sewage as a carbon source, bring a large amount of nitrated ammonia and nitrite fluorine into the reflux mixture, reduce to gas and release to the air, so that the BOD concentration is lower

The concentration of ammonia nitrate decreased significantly, while the change of phosphorus was not significant. In the aerobic tank, organic matter is biodegraded by microorganisms, organic ammonia is ammoniated and then nitrated, resulting in a significant decrease in ammonia concentration. However, with the increase of nitrated ammonia concentration in the digestion process, phosphorus increases with the increase of phosphorus accumulation bacteria

Large intake, at a faster rate of decline.

It can complete the removal of organic matter at the same time, nitrification deoxygenation dephosphorization and other functions, the premise of denitrification to be completely nitrated, aerobic pool can complete this function, anoxic pool to complete the stripping function, anaerobic pool and aerobic pool combined to complete the phosphorus removal function.




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