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The difference between wastewater treatment and sewage treatment

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Many people confuse wastewater treatment and sewage treatment, and equate "wastewater" with "sewage". There is no strict distinction and authoritative definition and statement of these two concepts in the field of environmental protection, but in fact, when it comes to wastewater Treatment generally refers to "industrial wastewater treatment" in the industrial field. When it comes to sewage treatment, it generally refers to "domestic sewage treatment" or "municipal sewage treatment." The above statements represent the direction of water treatment. different segments.

From the perspective of technical characteristics, the technical difficulty and complexity of "wastewater treatment", that is, industrial wastewater treatment, is relatively high, because the industrial categories are relatively wide and complex, with different industries, different production processes, and different production materials. Different wastewater properties and volumes will be produced. In addition, the final destination of industrial wastewater treatment is also more complicated. In some places, wastewater from some industries can be taken over and discharged to meet standards after treatment, but some areas require that wastewater be recycled after treatment to realize wastewater treatment. zero emission. In this way, the difficulty of industrial wastewater treatment will naturally increase, and the requirements for institutions and practitioners engaged in the subdivision of industrial wastewater treatment will also be relatively high. Compared with wastewater treatment, the technical difficulty of domestic sewage treatment is relatively small, because the pollutants in domestic sewage are relatively stable and single, and the technical requirements are not high. China's urban domestic sewage treatment rate is already very high because the city's infrastructure and pipe network laying rate are already very high. However, as environmental protection policies become more and more stringent, rural domestic sewage has also put forward




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