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Strategies for reducing water ecological risks through buried sewage treatment equipment

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Buried sewage treatment equipment is a system equipment specifically used for treating urban and rural sewage, which converts sewage into recyclable resources through physical, chemical, and biological treatment technologies. With the rapid development of urbanization, water ecological environmental issues such as water shortage and pollution are becoming increasingly prominent. Buried sewage treatment equipment has become one of the important response strategies to reduce water ecological risks due to its advantages such as small footprint and good treatment efficiency.

Advantages and characteristics of buried sewage treatment equipment

Buried sewage treatment equipment has the following significant advantages and characteristics:

Small footprint: Buried equipment is installed underground and does not occupy surface space, solving the land shortage problem faced by urban sewage treatment.

Good treatment effect: The buried equipment combines various treatment technologies, such as physical filtration, chemical precipitation, and biodegradation, to effectively remove important pollutants such as suspended solids, organic matter, and organic nitrogen in wastewater, meeting national emission standards.

Stable and reliable: The buried equipment adopts advanced automation control systems, which have functions such as automatic monitoring, alarm, and fault handling, ensuring long-term stable operation of the equipment.

Diversified operation modes: Buried equipment can choose different operation modes according to different scenarios, including various application scenarios such as autonomous villages, residential areas, industrial parks, and farmland, to adapt to different water quality and treatment requirements.

Response strategies for buried sewage treatment equipment

To reduce water ecological risks, buried sewage treatment equipment can adopt the following coping strategies:

1. Promote the application of buried equipment

Government departments should increase the promotion of buried sewage treatment equipment, encourage more urban and rural areas to use buried equipment for sewage treatment through policy guidance, economic subsidies, and other means, and reduce water ecological risks.

2. Strengthen technological innovation of equipment

Enterprises producing buried sewage treatment equipment should increase their technological innovation efforts to improve the treatment efficiency and operational performance of the equipment. By introducing international advanced technology, optimizing equipment structure, and improving the level of operation and maintenance technology, we continuously improve the overall performance of the equipment.

3. Establish a sound operational management system

Establish a sound operational management system for buried sewage treatment equipment, including equipment inspection, maintenance, and system data monitoring. Through scientific and reasonable operation management, ensure the long-term stable operation of equipment and minimize water ecological risks.


Buried sewage treatment equipment, as an important response strategy to reduce water ecological risks, has advantages such as small land occupation, good treatment efficiency, stable and reliable operation, and diversified operations. Promoting the application of buried equipment, strengthening technological innovation, and establishing a sound operational management system are key steps in implementing this strategy. By comprehensively promoting the application of buried sewage treatment equipment, it can effectively improve the water ecological environment, protect water resources, and build a beautiful China.




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