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Sewage treatment technology

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Sewage treatment is now in all walks of life have a very wide range of applications, different industries of sewage water quality and quantity also has a very big difference, so in the sewage treatment process are different, even if the same industry of different water treatment methods are different. Among them, the common sewage treatment process has the biological turntable secondary treatment process, and the main process is that the original sewage first enters the primary sedimentation tank, and then goes through the biological turntable to the middle sedimentation tank, and then enters the second biological turntable from the sedimentation tank, enters the second sedimentation tank, and finally comes out of the treated water. There is also a biological adsorption method is also a sewage treatment process, it is from the original sewage to the adsorption tank and then into the secondary sedimentation tank, this time two steps, part of the water can be discharged, the other part of the remaining activated sludge back to the regeneration tank repeatedly. In addition, there are a lot of sewage treatment processes.




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