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Process Information

  • Photosynthetic bacteria Gram-negative bacteria
    Gram-negative bacteria are prokaryotic microorganisms with primitive light energy synthesis systems. Photosynthetic bacteria have various shapes, including spherical, hemispherical, rod-shaped and spiral.
  • Membrane Electrodialysis
    Liquid membrane electrodialysis replaces the solid ion exchange membrane with a liquid membrane that has the same function. Its laboratory model is to wrap the solution with semi-permeable cellophane to make a thin-layer separator, and then install the separator into the electrodialyzer for operatio
  • MBR membrane operation process
    The entire BR biochemical system is composed of anaerobic tank, anoxic tank, aerobic tank and membrane separation tank. The core of MBR is the membrane separation component.
  • Adsorption regeneration of sewage treatment
    This treatment method is by using the initial removal capacity of activated sludge, and in a short period of time, roughly 10 to 40 minutes by adsorption to remove suspended and colloidal organic matter in the wastewater, and then through solid-liquid separation, the wastewater can be purified, BOD
  • Sewage treatment technology
    Sewage treatment is now in all walks of life have a very wide range of applications, different industries of sewage water quality and quantity also has a very big difference, so in the sewage treatment process are different, even if the same industry of different water treatment methods are differen
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