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Point source sewage treatment project

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The company's complete set of integrated equipment technology has successfully solved two major current problems in domestic point source processing:

1. High investment costs: "Although a sewage treatment plant (station) is small, it has all the internal organs." The investment is relatively large, and the operation, maintenance and management costs are high. In fact, the current problem we have is that the government invests more in construction than in operation, and lacks consideration on long-term mechanisms. In many areas, due to low official network coverage and limited special expenses for sewage treatment, local finances cannot meet the normal operation needs of sewage treatment plants. As a result, sewage treatment facilities are exposed to the sun all year round. Complete sets of integrated equipment meet point source processing needs with very low investment costs.

2. Lack of management personnel: The dualization of urban and rural areas has led to the loss of young adults and technical personnel in rural areas; scattered facilities, difficult working environments, poor working conditions, relatively low incomes, and the inability to attract technical personnel investment have resulted in the hollowing out of rural areas. The complete set of integrated equipment can be controlled automatically remotely without the need for human supervision.




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