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Oily industrial wastewater treatment

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Special sewage will also be encountered in sewage treatment, that is, oily wastewater, which often causes the pollution of water resources and the waste of oil resources. Moreover, the harm of oil pollutants to the environment, ecology and human health has also caused great concern among people nowadays. focus on.

According to the source of oily wastewater and the form of oil existing in the water, it can be divided into four categories: floating oil, dispersed oil, emulsified oil and dissolved oil. What we commonly use is the use of air flotation technology.

Air flotation technology is a technology widely used in the treatment of oily wastewater at home and abroad. Its principle is to introduce air or other gases into the water to generate fine bubbles, so that some small suspended oil beads and solid particles in the water can attach to the bubbles and travel with the bubbles. Floats to the water surface to form scum, thus completing the separation of solid and liquid.

The air flotation method can basically be divided into air flotation, pressurized air flotation and electrolytic air flotation according to the different ways of generating bubbles. The main method currently used is pressurized air flotation. This method consumes less power, has simple equipment, good results, and fast processing speed. It has been widely used in the treatment of oil field wastewater, petrochemical wastewater, food oil production wastewater, etc.




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