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Membrane Electrodialysis

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Liquid membrane electrodialysis replaces the solid ion exchange membrane with a liquid membrane that has the same function. Its laboratory model is to wrap the solution with semi-permeable cellophane to make a thin-layer separator, and then install the separator into the electrodialyzer for operation.

Liquid membranes use extraction agents for liquid membrane electrodialysis, which can provide more efficient separation measures for concentrated liquids or extraction of precious metals. Improving the extraction efficiency of electrodialysis is closely related to membranes that are particularly selective for certain forms of ions. It has great development prospects to improve the separation rate of electrodialysis by combining with liquid membrane. For example, when platinum group gold salts are easily electrodialyzed through a solid ion exchange membrane, metallic oxide precipitates will form on the membrane, which will accelerate the loss of the membrane and affect the entire process. This is not the case when using liquid membranes. Impact.




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