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Membrane Bio-Reactor technology advantages

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Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR) is a combination of wastewater treatment bioreactor and membrane technology for the retention and separation of solids in wastewater, bubble-free aeration in reactors and extraction of priority pollutants from industrial wastewater. It combines bioengineering with membrane separation engineering

Combined, the high efficiency membrane separation technology replaces the secondary sedimentation tank in the traditional biological processing, which can remove the original necessary separate sterilization process, and has the advantages of high removal efficiency, high microbial concentration and good effluent quality of sewage heat

The typical treatment method is the method of adding membrane filter module to the bioreactor. Through the system of circulating activated sludge, the Hong Kong permeable liquid can be extracted from the membrane. In addition, the membrane can also be placed in the cattle reactor, and the air blown into the reactor can reduce the pollution of the membrane

Since MBR membrane effectively improves the ability of solid-liquid separation in sewage treatment, thus greatly improving the system effluent, water quality and volume load, the water quality standard after membrane treatment is high, after disinfection, and finally form high-quality reclaimed water with high water quality and biosafety

Directly as a new water source

Due to the filtration effect of the membrane, the microorganisms are completely trapped in the MBR membrane bioreactor, which realizes the complete separation of the activated sludge sludge age and hydraulic residence time, and solves the problem of sludge swelling in the traditional activated sludge process.




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