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MBR membrane operation process

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The entire BR biochemical system is composed of anaerobic tank, anoxic tank, aerobic tank and membrane separation tank. The core of MBR is the membrane separation component. In the membrane tank, the membrane module is placed in the membrane separation area. The pore size of the central control fiber membrane is 0.1um. This pore size can completely filter bacteria, so that free bacteria and bacterial jelly groups can be blocked in the membrane separation area. At the same time, suspended particles, bacteria, algae, turbidity, COD, and organic matter can also be effectively separated, thereby ensuring that the SS of the effluent water quality is close to dry 0. In order to ensure that the components can continue to discharge water stably. The MBR membrane has a good flux and can be equipped with a fully automatic online water backwash and chemical backwash cleaning system. Data can be automatically collected and summarized through the control cabinet, and the actual detection and adjustment of each system can be carried out through background computer control. 




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