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MBR flat membrane operation

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The air volume of the blower for flat membranes is generally 10-12L/㎡ per film. When the design is running, the air volume of the blower is generally not adjusted, and the blower operates continuously for 24 hours.

The selection of the suction pump is designed based on the number of membrane components. In order to reduce the contamination of the membrane surface during operation, the P range set by the control box S is set to 10 minutes and 2 minutes.

The flow rate of the circulating sludge pump is generally selected to be 2 to 3 times the incoming water volume, and it operates continuously.

The remaining sludge pump runs regularly based on the readings of the MLSS meter in the pool. The concentration of MLSS in the pool is generally controlled at around 8000~12000ma.

In the suction pump inlet pipeline, a pressure gauge is installed. The reading of the pressure gauge can be used to understand the degree of membrane fouling. During initial operation, the pressure loss is very small. After 4 to 6 purposes of operation, the pressure loss gradually increases. Generally, When the pressure loss reaches 20KPA, the membrane must be chemically cleaned online.




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