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MBR flat film material

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The material of MBR flat film is divided into two kinds: organic film and inorganic film. MBR flat film material

Organic film materials are generally: synfluoropolymer, polypropylene, polyethylene, polyolefin, polyalum, aromatic polyacyl gum and so on.

Organic film is characterized by cheap cost, because the cost is relatively low, and the film manufacturing process is relatively mature, the form of the film and the aperture is diverse, and the application is very wide. The disadvantage is short life and low strength, because it is easier to pollute and lead to blockage.

Inorganic film is a semi-permeable film made of inorganic materials, such as ceramics, zeolite, porous glass, inorganic polymer materials, metals, metal oxides, etc., which is a kind of solid film.

The most used inorganic membrane in MBR is ceramic membrane. It has many advantages, such as high pressure tolerance, almost no pick on ph, temperature tolerance up to 350° and high flux, low energy consumption, and quite competitive in high-concentration wastewater. The disadvantage is that the processing equipment of the film is complex and the cost is high.




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