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MBR flat film high standard and high fit

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Membrane Bio-Reactor is a new sewage treatment process that combines membrane separation technology with traditional activated sludge method. It uses MBR flat membrane components with unique structure to place in aeration tank. After aerobic aeration and biological treatment, the water is filtered through filter membrane by pump. MBR wastewater treatment is very different from the traditional wastewater treatment method. The membrane separation device replaces the secondary sedimentation tank and the tertiary treatment process in the traditional process. The resulting effluent solves the problem that the effluent quality of traditional environmental protection equipment for sewage treatment cannot meet the requirements of recycled water. The water after MBR sewage treatment can be used directly as municipal water or further treated for various industrial water.

The existence of dry MBR membrane greatly improves the solid-liquid separation capacity of the system, so that the effluent of MBR membrane bioreactor, water quality and volume load have been greatly improved, and the water quality standard after membrane treatment is high (exceeding the national level A standard), after disinfection, the formation of high water quality and biosafety of recycled water, which can be directly used as a new water source. Due to the filtration effect of the membrane, the microorganisms are completely trapped in the MBR membrane bioreactor, which realizes the complete separation of the hydraulic retention time and the activated sludge sludge age, and eliminates the sludge swelling problem in the traditional active sludge leaching method. MBR membrane bioreactor has the advantages of high pollutant removal efficiency, strong nitrification ability, good simultaneous nitrification, denitrification and deammonia effect, stable effluent quality, low residual sludge production, compact equipment, small footprint (only 1/3-1/2 of the traditional process), convenient incremental expansion, high degree of automation, simple operation and so on

Membrane Bio-Reactor component series has the advantages of compact structure, beautiful appearance, small footprint, low operating cost, low stability, reliability, high degree of automation, easy maintenance and operation, etc. MBR wastewater treatment effluent quality is good, excellent dry water quality standards. And with the unique MBR flat membrane technology, it overcomes many shortcomings of the general hollow fiber membrane, and is the international advanced sewage treatment product equipment. The series of membrane components of MBR membrane bioreactor have formed a standardized series of products, each component is composed of 50-150 standard plate diaphragms, and can also be individually designed according to the needs of users to meet user needs.




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