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How should Bangdi washing wastewater be treated?

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I believe everyone knows about wastewater, but what is washing wastewater? Washing wastewater mainly comes from bathing in daily life. Soap, detergent, and detergent will be used in the entire washing process. Therefore, washing wastewater contains a large amount of phosphorus, washing powder, detergent, grease, and a small amount of bacteria and coliform. Groups and viruses, etc. So how should washing wastewater be treated? Let’s take a look with Bangdi’s editor!

  Although washing wastewater has high turbidity, large changes in organic matter concentration, and BOD/COD is around 0.45, the wastewater has good biodegradability.

  Currently, the most widely used methods for treating washing wastewater on the market are activated sludge method and coagulation method. Of course, foam method, semiconductor photocatalytic degradation method, micro-electrolysis, ozone oxidation method, coagulation method, etc. can also be used.

  Due to the complex composition of washing wastewater, it is generally impossible to use only one water treatment process. Hongsen Environmental Protection's washing wastewater treatment equipment can be customized according to the user's wastewater composition.

  In addition to domestic sewage, washing wastewater also comes from industrial sewage (machinery workpiece cleaning, pipeline cleaning, electronic chip cleaning, chemical storage tank cleaning, electronic flux cleaning, etc.).

  Industrial wastewater is generally alkaline, with a pH value between 9 and 12. Wastewater usually contains high concentrations of LAS, which will inhibit the activity of microbial cells. Therefore, industrial washing wastewater is much smaller than domestic washing wastewater. High difficulty. Industrial washing wastewater can be treated physically and chemically.




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