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History of environmental protection sewage treatment

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In the early stage of MBR research, aerobic activated sludge reactor was generally used in MBR reactor. The main problem of environmental protection equipment is that the concentration of suspended sludge is too high, resulting in fast membrane pollution, unsatisfactory nitrogen and phosphorus removal effect, and high aeration energy consumption. In recent years, the MBR technology - composite membrane bioreactor (MBR) has emerged, which has better pollutant removal effect and more stable operation performance. The hybrid MBR process is a hybrid bioreactor (HBR) and membrane separation technology which combines the biofilm method, biological contact oxidation method and activated sludge method.

In HBR-MBR process, there are two microbial forms of epiphytic biofilm and suspended activated sludge. Both kinds of wastewater can play their respective advantages and jointly play the role of environmental protection sewage treatment project, improve effluent quality, make effluent ammonia nitrogen concentration lower than activated sludge MBR, and improve impact load resistance. The biofilm formed by the intervention of biological carriers has a multi-layer structure. The concentration gradient of the biofilm is formed from the outside to the inside due to the increase of oxygen transfer resistance, thus forming a microenvironment in which the outer layer is mainly aerobic and the inner layer is mainly anoxic or anaerobic, which is conducive to improving the biological nitrogen removal ability of the system.

In addition, the complex bioreactor has diverse microbial community structure and long biological food chain, which can effectively improve sludge characteristics and improve treatment capacity. Compared with the traditional high concentration activated sludge process, the HBR-MBR process can reduce the concentration of suspended matter in biomass, which is conducive to reducing membrane pollution and improving the stability of system operation.




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