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  • What is MBR flat membrane?
    In recent years, with the promotion of policies, mbr flat membrane has developed rapidly in our country. More and more environmental protection practitioners and companies are beginning to learn and carry out business related to product manufacturing, process design, operation and maintenance manage
  • Do you know the working principle of the center drive mud scraper?
    The central drive sludge scraper adopts central drive and suspension type. After the sewage flows into the diversion tube from the inlet pipe under the working bridge and diffuses, it flows out evenly and radially to the periphery. The suspended sludge is deposited on the bottom of the pool after se
  • How should Bangdi washing wastewater be treated?
    I believe everyone knows about wastewater, but what is washing wastewater? Washing wastewater mainly comes from bathing in daily life. Soap, detergent, and detergent will be used in the entire washing process. Therefore, washing wastewater contains a large amount of phosphorus, washing powder, deter
  • Do you know the advantages of using Bangdi MBR flat membrane?
    MBR membrane, also known as membrane bioreactor, is a new water treatment technology that combines activated sludge method and membrane separation technology. There are currently four main types of MBR membranes: hollow fiber membranes, flat membranes, ceramic membranes, and tubular membranes. Next,
  • Can The Dosage of The Bangdi Dosing Device Be Adjusted?
    Can the dosage of the dosing device be adjusted? Many customers will have such doubts. Today, the editor of Bangdi will answer this question for you.
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