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Commonly used chemicals for water treatment

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With the integration of equipment used in sewage treatment, it has been applied in people's production and domestic sewage treatment. Many enterprises have discharged.The discharged sewage still contains a large amount of refractory substances, which cannot be effectively removed by a single water treatment equipment. Therefore, in many cases, different sewage treatment chemicals must be reasonably added according to the particularity of the sewage water quality, so that the treated sewage can reach Discharge or reuse reclaimed water in compliance with national emission standards. The pharmaceutical agents are mainly divided into 8 types of flocculants, coagulants, conditioners, demulsifiers, defoaming agents, pH adjusters, redox agents, and disinfectants.

There are 5 commonly used chemicals in our sewage:

Flocculant: It can effectively separate stubborn substances from liquids. It is often used in primary sedimentation tank, secondary sedimentation tank, tertiary treatment or deep treatment and other process links. Polyacrylamide is mainly used.

Coagulant: Assists the flocculant to work and enhance the coagulation effect.

Defoaming agent: mainly used to eliminate a large number of bubbles generated during aeration or stirring.

PH adjuster: used to adjust the acidity and alkalinity of sewage.

Disinfectant: used to disinfect microorganisms in water, remove odors, and purify water quality.




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