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Can The Dosage of The Bangdi Dosing Device Be Adjusted?

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Can the dosage of the dosing device be adjusted? Many customers will have such doubts. Today, the editor of Bangdi will answer this question for you.

The dosing device uses a metering pump as the main dosing equipment, a chemical tank, a stirrer, a liquid level gauge, a safety valve, a check valve, a pressure gauge, a filter, a buffer, a pipeline, a valve, a base, an escalator, Automatic monitoring systems, power control systems, etc. are assembled on a common platform according to process flow requirements to form a module, the so-called skid-mounted combined unit (referred to as "skid body"). The working process of putting a certain amount of medicine into the stirring solution tank for stirring and dissolving as needed, and then sending it to the dosing point through a metering pump after the dissolution is completed. The amount of medicine can be adjusted freely to meet the needs of different places with different dosages.

The dosing device adopts an electromechanical integrated structure. It can be divided into fixed type and mobile type (trolley type) in terms of installation. Each form of dosing device is equipped with a mixing system, a dosing system and an automatic control system. . Several fixed skids can be combined into a whole, and coupled with the frequency conversion control system, local control, remote automatic control, and manual and automatic conversion of dosing can be realized. The Zhuli dosing device has the advantages of compact structure, small size, low noise, stable operation, simple installation, and easy operation and use.

The dosing device uses different process designs to accurately configure solutions of various solid and liquid chemicals, and then uses metering pumps to accurately add them to meet various design requirements. Such as descaling, deoxidation, coagulation, adding acid, adding alkali, etc.

The dosing process can be operated manually, or through various electrical appliances and instruments such as PC, magnetic flap level gauge, PH meter, stroke controller, frequency converter, etc., to make the dosing device a mechatronics product and realize automatic control.

The volume of the solution tank in the dosing device can range from a minimum of 0.1m3 to 20m3, and can be selected according to the amount of dosing. Depending on the transport medium, there are a variety of materials to choose from, such as carbon steel (carbon steel lined with rubber), stainless steel, non- Metal materials (PE, PVC, PP, PTFE), etc.




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