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Advantages of MBR flat membrane

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1. Small footprint and space saving: The MBR process can greatly increase the sludge concentration (biological flora) of the activated sludge tank and does not require a secondary sedimentation tank, so the floor space can be greatly saved.

2. Stable effluent quality and high transparency: MBR membrane can intercept almost all microorganisms, especially microorganisms that are difficult to settle and have slow proliferation rates. Therefore, the biological phase in the system is extremely rich, and the process of activated sludge domestication and increment greatly shortened, processed

The depth and system's ability to resist shock are enhanced, and the effluent quality is very stable.

3. Convenient operation and management and simple maintenance: The traditional aerobic sludge treatment process will cause sludge expansion when operating under high sludge load conditions, causing the system to fail to operate normally and the effluent to fail to meet standards. The MBRT process uses suction through the membrane to remove mud moisture.

Therefore, the impact of sludge expansion on dry MBR water output is much smaller than that of dry traditional processes, so operation and management are very convenient. High degree of automation and simple maintenance,

4. Long mud age: Membrane separation allows the macromolecules in the wastewater that are refractory to degradation to have sufficient residence time in the bioreactor with limited volume, greatly improving the degradation efficiency of refractory organic matter. The reactor operates under high volume load, low sludge load and long sludge age, only

A very small amount of residual sludge is discharged. Because the dry mud has a long drying age, it is more suitable for the growth of microorganisms with a long generation time, which is beneficial to the dry removal of organic substances that are difficult to interpret in wastewater.

5. Strong impact resistance: When the incoming water volume changes significantly in a short period of time, you can consider increasing the flow rate of the membrane in a short period of time to alleviate the impact. When the incoming water quality changes, the sludge concentration will be higher, which can alleviate the impact within a certain range purpose.




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