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Adsorption regeneration of sewage treatment

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This treatment method is by using the initial removal capacity of activated sludge, and in a short period of time, roughly 10 to 40 minutes by adsorption to remove suspended and colloidal organic matter in the wastewater, and then through solid-liquid separation, the wastewater can be purified, BOD can remove about 85% to 90%. In the adsorbed saturated activated sludge, part of it needs to be backflowed and needs to enter the regeneration pool for further oxidation and decomposition, so as to restore its activity; the other part of the remaining sludge is discharged into the sludge treatment system without oxidation and decomposition. Respectively in the adsorption pool and regeneration he or in two segments of the same pool. It not only has a strong ability to adapt to load shock, but also can eliminate the initial sedimentation tank. Its main advantage is that it can greatly save on infrastructure investment, and it is most suitable for treating wastewater containing suspended and colloidal substances, such as tannery wastewater and coking wastewater, and the process is flexible. The disadvantage is that the adsorption time is short and the treatment efficiency is not as high as that of the traditional method.




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